Half Days, Whole Days and this Week’s schedule

This Friday (2/15) there will be no school, no lab and no testing due to Vail Pride Day staff awards and events.

Thursday and Friday (2/21 and 2/22) there will be no school, no lab and no testing due to Rodeo Days.

Vail Pride Day is February 16!  Vail Innovation Center will be participating the parade this year. We hope to see all of our families attend and march proud with us. The parade will start at 4:00 at the fairgrounds. We will have signs to carry, props to wear and spirit to be brought! Meet us at the east door of Thurber Hall at 3:45 to march with VIC!


What do we need? Box Tops and Disinfecting wipes. Thank you for any and all you are willing to donate.

A great big thank you to Viva Coffee House for their sponsorship this year. They will be donating 20% of their sales at VPD to VIC.

Social Media and Your Child

Recent research is showing an increase in anxiety and depression with children who spend time on social media. I recently watched a TedTalk on this subject and found it to be an excellent way to start a conversation with your child. If you choose to share it with them I would very much like to hear your feedback.