“I gained a plethora of invaluable skills and knowledge through Vail Digital Learning Program. I often refer to my experiences in the program to aid me in accomplishing my goals today, be they academic, social, or otherwise. The VDLP has been my greatest advocate through the trials and tribulations of education and believed in me when I needed it most; I couldn’t be more grateful for the life-altering opportunities you gave me. ”
-Lyssa, Student

“I found the lessons easy to follow and understand. If I had a question I could email my teacher and expect a response immediately or the following day. Once, my teacher didn’t understand what my problem was. Feeling it was too hard for me to explain via email, so she phoned me and asked me directly. Overall, I think the course was successful and I learned a lot.”
– Daphne, Student

“I am so happy that this program has been offered. My daughter has a new sense of self and her accomplishments. I am enjoying bonding with her and helping her with her assignments. Now I can monitor all of her work and progress as well as be involved. This alternative was perfect for us.”
– Amy, Parent

“VDLP has been a great experience for me as a student in high school. It has not only given me knowledge and skills that I can use throughout my life but it has also given me the push and support that I needed to succeed. The teachers in the VDLP and at Vail Academy & High School have been tremendous in their efforts at helping me excel in my classes and their never ending support has been amazing.”
– Keegan, Student

“Distance learning affords a great opportnity for my kids to work at their own pace, in their home. The wide variety of classes and excellent staff make the Vail Digital Learning Program a great option!”
– Andrea, Parent