Senior Exit Project

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In order to receive assistance with their Senior Project, VDLP students should contact the VDLP Senior Exit Project Advisor Mr. Ogden at


Month Activities to Complete
Summer   Ideas for the Senior Exit Project (SEP) are seriously being considered.
Mentors should also be considered.
August Continue to narrow down your ideas for the SEP
September Statement of Purpose, Parent Consent Form, and Plagiarism Contact due September 12th
October Begin work on SEP Research Paper.   Writing workshops are October 18th & 19th at VIC
November SEP Research Paper due November 4th @ 5 pm
October – December Work on completing hours for project
January Continue working on hours.  Don’t forget to take pictures, log hours, and write journals.
February ePortfolio is due February 12th.
March SEP Presentations March 5th

Senior Project Graduation Requirement

The purpose of the Senior Project is to serve as a comprehensive, culminating project that helps seniors prepare for life after high school. Student presentations are made to VDLP faculty and members of the community.  This also serves as an opportunity for students to network, and build useful presentation skills needed in today’s marketplace. It is a graduation requirement for the Vail School District. Our standards are high: students must initiate an actual project (i.e., building or producing something) or serving in a leadership role in the community. Job shadowing and reporting on what someone else is doing is not considered a valid project. The entire project consists of three (3) main parts. Students must pass each part individually in order to receive credit for their Senior Exit Project.

The Research Paper
The research paper portion of the Senior Project is an eight to ten page paper with a variety of reference types including an interview with an expert in their field. The paper is graded by VDLP Staff.

The Portfolio
The portfolio portion is a comprehensive documentation of the actual project completed by the student. The portfolio is graded by the faculty and staff of Vail Academy & High School.

The Presentation
Finally, students have the opportunity to explain to others what their project was and what they learned from doing it. The presentations are graded by teachers, parents and community members.