Proctor Registration

VDLP Proctor Request Form

Thank you for taking the time to help our digital learning student complete his/her class. Our online program issues credit for courses which are completed under controlled conditions. By proctoring for the student we are able to assure schools and businesses that the credit was earned and the course was completed using the same or similar standards for courses taken in the traditional setting. Your role in providing test security and a controlled environment are a vital key to this assurance. Please read the following guidelines and procedures concerning proctored exams:

1. Approved proctors include librarians, school teachers, school principals, school counselors, probation officers, or testing center employees. Proctors may NOT be a family member, relative, friend, neighbor, athletic coach, or student tutor.

2. Exams must be administered at the proctor's school or place of business, never at a proctor's home or the student's home.

3. Proctors should provide a quiet testing environment for the exam.

4. Proctors must monitor the student during the entire testing period.

5. Students can not take the exam with unauthorized books, notes, or reference aids of any kind unless specified on the exam instructions.