General Information

What is “digital learning”?
Digital learning is an innovative form of education that focuses on individualized instruction for students via the use of online technologies. Digital learning students are not in a physical classroom; rather they complete classes using an online based learning program. Students submit course work and communicate with teachers online.

Is the VDL homeschooling?
Home school students are welcome to enroll in our courses, but VDL full time students are enrolled in a school district and are required to take state mandated tests as well as meeting the Empire High School graduation requirements in order to receive a high school diploma.

Who is a good candidate for digital learning?
Average to above average students who are motivated to learn. VDL courses are challenging, self-paced and self-directed. Therefore self-discipline, time management, and self-advocacy are essential skills needed for the student’s success.

What if I do not attend a Vail public school or live in the Vail district?
VDL allows students from all over Arizona to participate. Students have even taken their classes with them around the world including Italy, Africa, Armenia, and South America.

What do I need to know about attendance for full time digital learning students?
Students are required to log a minimum of 5 hours per week per class.

When can I start?
Students can begin classes as soon as they complete an Orientation session.  Please contact us for the date and time of our next scheduled Orientation.

How do I get started?
Click here for more information.

Course Delivery

How does the program work?
Students submit work, read material, watch videos and communicate with their teachers online for courses that are aligned with what is offered in traditional schools. Students work at their own pace on courses that are designed to be completed in 18 weeks.

Do I complete all my work online?
For all of their coursework, VDL students will need a computer or mobile device and a reliable Internet connection. All coursework is done online in the student’s classes.

Are textbooks used with the courses?
No.  There are no textbooks used in conjunction with our curriculum.

Is the digital learning difficult for courses without textbooks?
Courses without textbooks provide online content which is similar to the information found in a textbook. Hands-on interactive activities, videos, and tutorials assist students in learning course content.

Curriculum Information

What courses are offered?
VDL offers high-quality courses for 6th – 12th grade. All courses are aligned with the Arizona State Standards and National Curriculum Standards (where applicable). The courses are developed and taught by highly qualified, Arizona certified teachers.

Who helps the students?
A highly qualified, certified teacher is assigned to each course. Teachers help monitor student progress and interact with students, answering questions as they arise. Students can also receive tutoring at the teacher’s homeschool after school. Technical support is available by phone Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 6:30 pm and on Saturdays from 6:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Support is also available by email on evenings and weekends.

Course Credit & Graduation

How do my credits transfer?
VDL credits transfer in the same way as those taken at a traditional school. In order to graduate from VDL, the student’s credits will be transferred to Empire High School and the student will receive a diploma from Empire High School.  Please be sure to consult the EHS graduation requirements for more details.